Eibach ERS Bump Stop

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Eibach bump stops should be part of your well-engineered suspension system. Eibach bump stops are made from a micro-cellular polyurethane elastomer. They are highly tunable and adjustable, and create a highly progressive, rising-rate effect as the springs approach bottoming and possible coil binding. Several Circle Track sanctioning bodies have approved the use of bump stops to help resolve possible control and safety issues relating to abrupt coil bind in softer spring setups. With progressive compression and damping characteristics, Eibach bump stops are your solution for smoother wheel control and the ability to deliver a positive impact on cornering grip and overall handling.

Bump Stop Thickness: 2.760 in.

Bump Stop Color: Tan

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Bump stop center mounting hole is 18mm.                              

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