Eibach ERS 2.71 inch L x 2.25 inch dia x 150 lbs Coil Over Spring

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Eibach ERS Tender springs are meant to be used with a much stiffer linear rate main spring. They are wound from flat wire so that when loaded, the springs compress until they completely bind up into the shape of a small disc. They are specifically designed for use with the Eibach ERS race coil springs, allowing the suspension to work to its optimal level. Perfect for an adjustable coil over system, these springs offer maximum control under the harshest racing conditions.                      

Coilover Spring Inside Diameter (in): 2.250 in.

Coilover Spring Inside Diameter (mm): 57.15mm

Coilover Spring Length (in): 1.750 in.

Coilover Spring Length (mm): 44.45mm

Progressive Rate Spring: No

Coilover Spring Rate (lbs/in): 150 lbs./in.

Spring Finish: Red powdercoated

Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Block height: 1.020 in., load at block height: 263 lbs., and travel is 1.750 in.                              

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