Eibach ERS 14.00 in. Length x 2.50 in. ID XT Barrel (Extreme Travel) Spring

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Eibach XT Barrel coilover springs are designed for the special needs of Circle Track racing, and are configured to provide additional clearance for standard 2.5 in. Circle Track racing shocks. Their distinctive XT Barrel shape works seamlessly with standard 2.5-inch spring perches, allowing easy access to the lower ball joint while retaining the benefits of a larger diameter spring. The continuous taper of Eibach's XT Barrel springs to a maximum 3.0 in. I.D. allowed their engineers to increase the spring coil-pitch beyond any previous designs, yielding a lighter spring, and increased usable travel. Eibach's legendary quality and proprietary high-tensile, chrome-silicon spring wire ensure that your XT Barrel springs will measure and perform the same, year after year.

Additional features of Eibach XT Barrel coilover springs:

* Available in a choice of lengths and a wide range of rates
* Ultra-lightweight for reduced unsprung mass
* Maximum travel in combination with more shock body clearance
* Lowest side loads with load center ideally located relative to the spring axis
* Precision tolerances--the tightest in the industry
* Each spring individually tested and rated

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