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The swaybar (sometimes referred to as an antiroll bar) is a U-shaped horizontal bar that connects to the chassis of the vehicle in the middle (base) of the U and the ends (arms) of the U act as levers and connect to the suspension via the endlinks. A swaybar is one of the most common aftermarket upgrades made to a vehicle as they are relatively inexpensive and can provide an immediate tangible change in the way the vehicles chassis responds to different inertial forces. While swaybars are a common aftermarket upgrade, swaybar endlinks are often overlooked because they generally provide no tangible change in vehicle handling. Swaybars will generally last the life of the vehicle but this isnt the case with the often overlooked endlinks.

Since the endlink is the direct connection between the swaybar and the suspension they are designed with a hinge, which is in the form of a bushing. These bushings receive a tremendous amount of abuse while the vehicle is being driven due to the constant push-pull effect they encounter from the motion of the suspension and the inertial forces acting on the chassis.

As the vehicle ages the endlink bushings begin to fatigue and wear out, regardless of the bushing design or its material makeup (polyurethane and rubber bushings generally last the longest and metal bushings have the shortest lifespan). Due to their seemingly endless motion during driving, endlinks are often referred to as a wear component, and need replaced over time. As the endlink bushings wear they become lose and will eventually generate noise while driving. Worn out endlink bushings will also decrease the responsiveness of the vehicles handling due to decreased rigidity, therefore effectively introducing play into the suspension.

The lifespan of endlink bushings is determined by the type of usage your vehicle sees and the road conditions of your daily commute. If you track your car or drive on rough roads frequently then youll want to regularly check your endlink bushings for wear.

BC Racing provides endlinks as a standard component with their coilover suspension systems when necessary. What necessitates the addition of endlinks in a BC Racing Coilover system? BC Racing includes endlinks in coilover systems that when engineered, change the location of the endlink mounting tab on McPherson style suspensions or a change in the angle of the swaybar due to lowering the vehicle.

If your BC Racing Coilover system came with endlinks then you should replace them when the endlink bushings begin to show signs of wear and fatigue. Endlink bushings will generally show physical signs or wear and fatigue in the form of extremely loose endlink studs, bushing boots will be torn, grease will leak out around the bushing, and there could also be audible noises when driving or moving the endlink stud by hand. If you have any of these physical or audible signs of wear and fatigue then its time to replace your endlinks.

By properly maintaining your BC Racing Coilover system youll ensure you and your vehicle see thousands of miles of driving excitement!

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