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  1. Eibach Pro-Alignment Front Kit for 06-08 Eclipse / 02-05 Civic / 02-06 Civic CR-V / 02-04 RSX
    Eibach Pro-Alignment kits are your solution to excessive negative camber and uneven tire wear. A little is okay, but too much is not. These kits are a simple, affordable way to solve "too much" camber issues. After adding a performance suspension kit or lowering your vehicle, you can end up with more negative camber than you want. These alignment kits allow you to adjust camber back to factory specs. And for serious chassis tuning, these kits also allow you to use the increased adjustment range to dial-in a performance alignment and maximize your chassis' potential. Enhance handling and stability with a precise setup and Eibach Pro-Alignment kits. Learn More
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